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Truck Driving

The truck driving program includes 320 hours of education consisting
of classroom and hands-on yard and road training. In addition to
driving skills, students learn map reading, trip planning, log
keeping, vehicle systems, cargo handling, driving under adverse
conditions, defensive driving, and transporting hazardous materials.
The mandatory written examination and the driving test must be taken
at a designated commercial driver's license testing center for
licensure or permit. Equipment for the driving test will be provided
to ECC students. To be commercially licensed intrastate, students
must be at least age 18; age 21 for interstate and/or to transport
placarded hazardous materials.

The forklift certificate consists of classroom and hands-on
instruction in the safe operation of lift trucks. Students will
be instructed on safety inspections, balance calculation,
safe operation for loading/unloading and movement of lift with and
without loads. All instruction will follow training requirements
outlined by Occupational Safety and Health Administration
(OSHA) regulations. Students will earn a Forklift Operator Certificate
upon completion.

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