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Teams and Details

Elgin, IL
Jenni Betancourt, LEED AP, Project Mgr
Sara Chrzanowski, Interior Designer
Tel: 847-695-5840

Construction Manager
IHC Construction Companies, LLC
Tom Carrano, PE
Senior Project Manager
Tel: 847-841-7713
Fax: 847-841-7817

Building B

SRC Renovation

Image of Building B


  • 141,000 square feet of renovated space
  • Complete renovation of third floor with partial renovations of the first and second floors
  • Increased student services areas for student organizations, meeting areas, and staff areas
  • New and increased restroom facilities
  • Energy efficient windows in the entire building
  • Increased fire protection
  • Informal, collaborative study spaces
  • Complete overhaul of HVAC, lighting, interior finishes
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