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Trustee Biography

Eleanor MacKinney, MA, CAS

Ellie MacKinney

Eleanor 'Ellie' MacKinney of Hampshire is a retired businesswoman, administrator and Career and Technical Education Curriculum Coordinator for School District U-46. She also taught elementary, middle school and high school. She is the current chair of the board and legislative liaison.

Ms. MacKinney was first elected to the board in 1999 and served as board chair from 2003-05 and 2009-11, following two consecutive terms as vice chair from 2001-03. She is an active member of the Illinois Community College Trustee Association (ICCTA), and has served as the Diversity Committee Regional Chair, and is the recipient of three trustee education awards. She has also served as an associate member of the Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) diversity committee.

A lifelong advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion, she is a scholarship advocate and fundraiser for under-represented and diverse students throughout the District 509 community.

Ms. MacKinney is a founding member of Hamilton Wings Board of Directors, an arts based program promoting leadership development and academic readiness of socially and/or economically challenged children.

Ms. MacKinney holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, a Master of Arts degree from Governor State University, Park Forest South, and a certificate of advanced study from National Lewis University, Evanston, and belongs to a number of state and national educational organizations.

Address: 44W701 Littlewood Trail, Hampshire, IL 60140
Term Expires: 2017

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