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Death of a Student 4.406

In the event of the death of a currently enrolled ECC student, the dean of students should be notified and is responsible for ensuring that the following steps are taken:

  1. The dean of students will notify the vice president for teaching, learning and student development, President’s Office, and Marketing and Communications Department of the student’s death with as many details as possible, including circumstances, family contact and source of information.
  2. The dean of students will prepare a memo (email) to Registration and Records Department and Student Accounts Office requesting that the student’s Datatel file be closed and coded to prevent future mailings. A 100 percent refund of out-of pocket monies paid for the semester will be issued. This memo (email) will be copied to the vice president of business and finance, deans and departments of financial aid, enrollment management, academic support and ADA, development, library, admissions, counseling, career services, student life, human resources and campus police.
  3. If classes are in session, the dean of students will prepare a memo (email) to be sent to the deceased student’s faculty. The memo will include arrangements for counseling assistance.
  4. On behalf of the institution, the dean of students will send a letter to the parent/spouse of the deceased student if sufficient information is available.
  5. The Student Life Office will arrange for flowers or other appropriate memorial to be sent.
  6. The dean of students or other designated college official will represent the college at the funeral if at all possible.
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