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Behavioral Intervention/Threat Assessment Team (BIT)

Administrative Procedure 4.602

If a Code of Conduct violation has also occurred, the investigation may move to the Student Affairs Committee and serve as the student's due process. Referrals regarding faculty, staff, administrators, or guests should be reported to Human Resources.

The Behavioral Intervention/Threat Assessment Team (BIT) at ECC is guided by the NaBITA (National Behavioral Intervention Team Association) threat assessment protocols in order to ensure the well-being and safety of the campus community. The role of the BIT Team is to assess situations where students are reported as displaying threatening behaviors that potentially impede their own or others ability to function successfully or safely, mitigate those threats, and assist students in distress by providing early intervention to help prevent situations of safety concern from becoming more serious.

A "threat" is defined as any conduct that presents a clear and present danger to self, others, or the campus community in general. In immediate and serious threatening situations, the President or his designee and the Elgin Community College Police Department reserves the right to waive the referral to the BIT team and act in the best interest of campus safety.

The Behavioral Intervention/Threat Assessment Team consists of College personnel with expertise in law enforcement/threat assessment/tactical applications, college operations, student services, and psychological knowledge. A collaborative approach to assess threats will be used and, depending on the situation, personnel with specialized expertise may be called upon to assist. Others may also be consulted/notified as needed who have a specific concern about a student.


Faculty, staff, and students may contact any member of the Behavioral Intervention/Threat Assessment Team at any time via email, phone, or in person to report observations of potentially threatening behavior. If the campus is closed, the report should be filed with the complainant's local police department.

  • Upon receiving a report, the Dean of Students will immediately conduct a preliminary investigation to determine if the report needs to be reviewed by the team. A preliminary investigation may include contacting faculty and/or staff who know the student and meeting with the student. If the Dean decides the report has merit, the Dean will convene the team. If it has been determined necessary, the student may be immediately removed from campus while the investigation proceeds. Once the Team has met and finalized its decision, the Dean of Students or his designee will communicate with the student and explain the Team's decision. The student will be given a written notification of the investigation, findings, decisions, and if applicable, disciplinary sanctions and the appeal process. Conditions under which the student may remain in good standing or return to campus and follow-up requirements will also be outlined. A copy of the report will be included in the Dean of Students' files. Affected parties will be informed of decisions as appropriate under FERPA when it impacts their safety/class/etc.

The Dean of Students will always convene the Team any time a student is given an interim suspension from campus. They will meet and complete the assessment within five (5) business days if the student has been removed from campus. Decisions and reports will be made as soon as information becomes available.

The Team will have full investigatory authority when reviewing the alleged concern in order to properly evaluate the student's behavior

The Team has the right to:

  • Interview the student, witnesses, the complainant, and any individual who may provide information for a proper assessment.
  • Inspect all student records.
  • Request medical records or evaluation from Student Assistance Program.
  • Notify parent/guardian.

The recommendation report may include, but is not limited to:

  • A description of the allegation(s) (and code of conduct violation, if applicable)
  • Actions taken by the Team to investigate the behavior
  • A collaborative decision by the Team as to whether or not the student may be a threat to the health, safety, and welfare of himself/herself or others.
  • An Action Plan for the student

Behavioral Intervention/Threat Assessment Team Members

Behavioral Intervention/Threat Assessment Team Members
Member Phone Number
ECC Campus Police 847-214-7777
Dean of Student Services and Development 847-214-7715/7274
Director of Student Success 847-214-7220
Wellness Professional 847-214-7418/6963
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