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Faculty Profile: Lisa Cameron

Helping students find their voices and passions

Lisa Cameron

Lisa Cameron, ECC instructor assisting students with writing assignments


Lisa Cameron is zealous about helping her students find their voices and passions as writers.

Cameron's style of teaching is unique and not limited to the classroom. In fact, she uses community service opportunities as a way for her students to broaden their learning experiences.

During national Make a Difference Week last year, her students packed food boxes at Two Rivers Head Start food pantry and helped bilingual first graders with reading and writing at Creekside Elementary School.

"I love watching my students make connections with each other and within their community," says Cameron. "Instead of just focusing on academic writing, they have to write about something they are passionate about. And when they write
about issues that they are passionate about, the writing is much stronger."

Many of Cameron's students are from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Although they speak different languages, they each share a common desire to master the English language. And thanks to Cameron, they also share a desire for philanthropic endeavors.

Shortly after volunteering at the food pantry, her students felt compelled to organize a clothing drive, where they collected diapers, wipes, winter gear, and other baby items that were donated to a local charity.

Cameron takes pride in knowing that her students rely on the communication skills she has taught them to plan and carry out these events. In addition to teaching them how to hone their writing skills, she also has taught her students that they have value.

"I want them to know that they can make an impact in their community," she says. "To make a difference takes one person and one idea. And I love how they beautifully and eloquently articulate their experiences in what they say and write. I am so proud of them."

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