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Office of Emergency Management

Tel: 847-214-7676
Location: Bldg. G, room 203

How is ECC Preparing to be Ready?

The college is committed to maintaining a safe campus. In keeping with this commitment, ECC's Emergency Management Team works closely with the ECC Police Department, internal/external stakeholders and other safety-related groups on campus to plan for emergencies, train and educate the community, and ensure the appropriate warning systems are in place to mitigate risks to the campus community.


ECC routinely develops and revises emergency plans that describe the response to and management of events that pose a real or potential threat to life, safety, and security of the campus community. The Emergency Management Plan describes how ECC administrators, faculty, staff, college police, and other response agencies work together to address emergencies on campus, establish protocols and evacuation, shelter-in-place and lock-down procedures to protect students, employees and visitors.

Training & Education

A variety of training and educational programs are offered to prepare the ECC community for emergency situations. ECC personnel with a role in emergency response complete training in the National Incident Management System (NIMS) to prepare them for management responsibilities during an emergency. We also encourage staff, faculty and students to complete select online NIMS courses which describe the history, features and principles, and organizational structure of an incident command system.

Additionally, ECC's Office of Emergency Management and ECC Police Department utilize internal resources and outreach programs to train and educate all members of the campus community, providing them with the knowledge needed to respond appropriately to various types of threats and hazards. Some of these include:

  • AED certification
  • First aid certification
  • Evacuation chair
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Physical self-defense for men and women
  • Recognizing aggressive behavior and workplace violence
  • Severe weather spotting


Various types of exercises are conducted throughout the year to assess and evaluate emergency plans and capabilities. The following types of exercises are used at ECC:

  • Drill. A low-stress exercise that is limited in scope and usually intended to test a skill or capability (e.g., fire drill, tornado drill, etc.)
  • Tabletop. A low-stress, discussion-based exercise involving key management personnel that focuses on group problem-solving.
  • Functional. A moderately stressful exercise involving key management personnel that tests one or more emergency functions.
  • Full-scale. A high-stress exercise involving key management personnel as well as first responders that tests multiple emergency functions. The ECC Police Department conducts full-scale exercises on a regular basis and sends email notifications to announce upcoming activities as their officers train and practice for all events/incidents that could occur on campus.

Alerts & Warnings

There are a number of notification systems to help you find out if an emergency has occurred or may occur in the near future. If a situation presents an immediate threat to lives, safety, or security of the campus community, emergency notification will be sent to the campus community via a number of different methods. View Alerts and Alarms

ECC Campus Emergency Response Team (CERT)

ECC utilizes volunteer faculty, staff, and students to support campus safety efforts and assist when needed with events on campus, traffic control, evacuations, drills and/or emergency situations. CERT members will also assist on campus during an event/incident where professional responders are not immediately available to help.

CERT members go through a 20-hour training program that includes incident command system training and AED/first aid certification. For more information about the national CERT program, visit or to get involved with the ECC CERT program email In addition, The City of Elgin's Office of Emergency Management also has a CERT program and welcome volunteers to participate in community efforts outside of the campus community. For more information about the City of Elgin's CERT program, contact Karen Flanagan at

  • Campus Emergency Management Team. Charged with reviewing and evaluating emergency planning documents, such as the ECC Emergency Management Plan, this team helps shape emergency planning efforts by providing feedback on initiatives undertaken by emergency management staff and recommending emergency plans to the president for formal adoption.
  • BIT. The Behavioral Intervention Team was formed to address student mental health issues at ECC. This collaborative and interdisciplinary team provides a means of identifying, intervening, and responding to students whose behavior poses a risk to themselves or others. An additional focus is on educating the campus community to recognize at-risk students and to take appropriate actions in response.
  • Safety Committee. This committee reviews risk management, and environmental health and safety issues brought to its attention and suggests remediation
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