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Business Services
Melissa Tait, Director - Business Services
Tel: 847-214-7365

Purchasing & Bid Information

ECC's Board of Trustees has adopted administrative procedures that comply with the Illinois Public Community College Act Chapter 110, Act 805. ECC’s procurement professionals use their expertise to ensure that transactions meet legal requirements, good business practice guidelines, college procedures, and State of Illinois policy.

Standard Terms & Conditions

The college’s standard terms and conditions are made a part of all purchase orders and contracts.

Purchase Orders

The acquisition of goods and/or services in limited quantities may be made by issuing a purchase order, following competitive negotiations with vendors. Purchases made in the name of the college without an authorized purchase order shall be considered an obligation of the person making the purchase and not an obligation of the district.

Prevailing Wage / Certified Payroll Process

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The following individuals have authority to sign contracts on behalf of ECC: the college president and the vice president of business and finance may sign all contracts; the director, business services is authorized to sign contracts with a value up to $25,000.


Verbal or written quotations may be secured for equipment, supplies and services not requiring formal advertised bids or proposals by the purchasing department.

Formal Bids and Proposals

Formal advertised bids or requests for proposals are required for equipment, supplies, and services exceeding $25,000 with limited exceptions as stated in ILCS 110- 805/3-27.1.

Electronic Bids

Electronic bids will not be accepted.

Bid Advertisements

The Daily Herald (Paddock Publications) is the newspaper of record for all advertised bids. At this time bids are not posted on the college’s web page.

Receipt of Bids

All formal advertised bids will be received ONLY in the location designated in the bid documents. The bid shall be submitted in a sealed envelope identified with the bid name/number prior to the date and time specified in the bid instructions. Bids received after the scheduled time will not be opened or considered.

Bid Opening

Presence at public bid openings is not required although vendors and contractors are welcome to attend. Bid results will be posted on the ECC Board of Trustees web page the second Wednesday of each month at Board of Trustees.


The purchase of goods and/or services shall be let to the lowest responsible and responsive bidder(s) based on bid specifications. The evaluation of responses for award may be based upon price, terms, specifications, past performance of supplier or contractor, compatibility of bid items with existing equipment or materials, and where appropriate, delivery or completion time. After bids have been reviewed and analyzed, a recommendation shall be made to the Board of Trustees at the next possible regularly scheduled board meeting.

Relief of Bidders

A vendor or contractor may be relieved of a bid at the discretion of the college in which a mistake was made in filling out the bid form and which was not due to an error in judgment or to carelessness in inspecting the work site, or in reading the specifications or plans. The vendor must give a detailed written notice of the mistake to the college within five (5) days of the opening of the bids. A bidder who is relieved of a bid may be prohibited from participating in further bidding on the project/purchase.


Loading dock hours are 8 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday and closed on Fridays during the summer. For large shipments, appointments should be made with receiving personnel at 847-214-7437.

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