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Drug Testing of Truck Driving Program Students 3.405

The U. S. Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) has regulations which govern the use of drugs and alcohol by commercial motor vehicle drivers, and which also require Elgin Community College to conduct mandatory drug and alcohol testing of drivers at the times and under the conditions described in this procedure. These regulations apply to student drivers in the Truck Driving Program.

The College will comply fully with the D.O.T. regulations governing drug and alcohol use and testing, and those requirements have been incorporated into this procedure. In the event the D.O.T. regulations are amended, this procedure shall be deemed to have been amended automatically at the time without the need for redrafting this procedure. In such a case, the College reserves the right to apply the amended requirements without notice.

Under this procedure, drug and alcohol testing will be conducted on any current and/or prospective driver who may be required to operate a motor vehicle having a gross vehicle weight rating in excess of 26,000 pounds in interstate or intrastate commerce.

All prospective student drivers will be notified of the College’s drug and alcohol use and testing procedure at the time they interview to be accepted into the ECC Truck Driving Program.

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