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BIO 246 Human Anatomy and Physiology II
Credit Hours: 4
Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in BIO 240 or BIO 245
Recommended: One year high school chemistry or CHM 101 or CHM 112

Second course in a two-semester sequence on Human Anatomy & Physiology. Designed for pre-health profession majors, especially those planning to transfer to four-year programs. The study of metabolism, electrolytes, acid/base balance, and the following systems: endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic, digestive, respiratory, urinary, and reproductive. Also included is the study of the special senses. Laboratory exercises include eye and heart dissections. Experiments include taking respiratory and cardiovascular data. Appropriate video demonstrations of cardiovascular disorders, immune system function and reproductive topics are also included. Cadaver demonstration and study is used for cardiovascular system and major organ systems. Both in-class and out-of-class cadaver time is required. (1.1) Proficiency Credit Not Available Pass/No Credit Not Available

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